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What We Offer

General Supplier & Labor Services

Complete supplies, and full skilled and experienced labors.Oil Engine Supplier (Diesel or Benzene),Experience skilled labor

Maintenance, Fabrication, Electrical, Instruments

All fabrication, maintenance, electrical and instruments works. Pressure Vessel, Vertical Column,Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel & Carbon Steel, etc

Steel Construction

Steel structure for Buildings, Stores, Towers, Vessels, etc. Steel Structure for Building, Store, Tower, Vessel, etc

Technical Services

Technical service for engineering/design, construction and commissioning.

Rental Equipment


About Company

Safety; Minimalize any potential hazard to either our Worker or to our Environment in work activities is our First Priority. Reliability; Integrity, Honesty, Accountable and Clean in Conducting our Businesses. Quality; Profesionalism, Quality Assurance and Continous Improvment as the basics for our Business Growth. Customer Satisfaction; Client Requirement, Legal Requirement and Standard Requirement is our Basic Work Procedure to ensure Satisfaction of our Client/Customer.

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