The Management of PT . Moderat Jaya R4 has committed to implement the HSE Program

The Management of PT . Moderat Jaya R4 has committed to implement the HSE Program at work as a matter of the highest priority and shall ensure that all reasonably practicable are taken to fulfill the following:

1.   To protect the Health and Safety of all employees, including the general public, from being adversely

2.   Ensure that all Management decision and practices are in conformance to the principle of the HSE Policy.

3.   Management shall participate in the HSE Audit Programs and Hazards Identification system as required.

4.   Management shall comply with all relevant statutory and contractual HSE requirements.

5.   To ensure that all Plants have places and systems of work are maintained in a Safe Condition  without risk to Health.

6.   The Operation of any Equipment shall be within its Design Limits and by Competent Persons.

7.   Effectively Controll, Coordinate and Monitor the Activities of All Employees in respect of HSE.

8.   Deal appropriately and immediately with any Non-Compliance of Safety Rules or Procedures that are repoted.

9.   Established effective Communication and Joint Consultation through Safety Committees or making on HSE matters with all Relevant Parties involved in the Workplace.

10.                 To monitor the Safety Performance of All Groups in their Area of Controll.

11.                 To provide an appropriate climate that encourages Employees to Participate in Safety at all level

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